Island Press Authors

Island Press authors are leaders in the environmental community and innovators in their fields, with a wealth of experience that informs all the work we do. Since 1984, we have published the writing of more than 500 experts in architecture and design, conservation biology, ecosystem restoration, environmental policy and economics, public health, and many other subjects. These thought leaders understand the need for practical solutions to today’s complex environmental problems, and we are proud to bring their ideas to a larger audience of policymakers, practitioners, scientists, students, and activists.


Our authors are authorities on a range of environmental topics within five core areas: the built environment; climate and energy; ecosystems; oceans and water; and policy, economics, and law.



The Built Environment

George Woodwell Jerry Yudelson
Jim Russell Greg Kats
Andrew Dannenberg Robert Brown
Howard Frumkin Richard Jackson
Lucia Athens Peter Fox-Penner

Climate & Energy

Shi-Ling Hsu Kyle Forinash
Peter Fox-Penner Lara Hansen
John Randolph Anthony Barnosky
Joseph Romm Armin Rosencranz
Terry Tamminen Union of Concerned Scientists


John Terborgh
Dominick DellaSalla
Steven Apfelbaum Tim Caro
Cristina Eisenberg Evelyn Howell
George Cox Lara Hansen
David Naugle Richard Hobbs

Oceans & Water

Peter Gleick Callum Roberts
Stephen Palumbi Daniel Pauly
Jeremy Jackson Richard Burroughs
Shimon Anisfeld Karen McLeod
Robert Glennon Orrin H. Pilkey

Policy, Economics, & Law

R. Edward Grumbine E.O. Wilson
Royal Gardner Lois Gibbs
Elizabeth Grossman Herman Daly
Paul Ehrlich Frank Ackerman
Pamela Matson Oliver Houck