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The Washington Post wrote an article on Stefano Mancuso and Alessandra Viola's new book, Brilliant Green, writing "Mancuso may be provocative, but he’s not alone and he hasn’t been for a long time" and citing Michael Pollan's "enthusiastic introduction."





Citylab shared successes and failures of the tactical urbanism movement and advice from Mike Lydon.



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Vox featured Carlton Reid's forthcoming Roads Were Not Built for Cars in a piece on the role of bicyclists in the development of the car and the road system.



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Slate featured an adapted excerpt from Tactical Urbanism highlighting the value of wayfinding projects.



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Washington, DC (March 17, 2015) – What does the closing of Times Square to cars have in common with a curb extension in Ontario? Both started as temporary projects—one sanctioned and one unsanctioned— that led to long-term change. These are two of many successes described in Tactical Urbanism (Publication Date: March 17, 2015), a new comprehensive book from planning and design professionals Mike Lydon...


In an article based on interviews with Mike Lydon and Anthony Garcia, Next City highlights the potential of tactical urbanism for improving city spaces.



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An uncrewed barge has been floating around the Arctic since last fall, and will likely remain there until July, when a tugboat can rescue it. In the meantime, a GPS unit is providing updates on its location. Edward Struzik told the CBC how it's emblematic both of the changing Arctic and its mis-management.


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“So, put aside for a couple of hours your accustomed anthropocentrism, and step into this other, richer, and more wonderful world. You won’t regret it, and you won’t emerge from it ever quite the same again.”

—from the foreword by Michael Pollan


Washington, DC — Are plants intelligent? That’s the provocative question plant physiologist Stefano Mancuso tackles in Brilliant Green: The...


Reviewing Edward Struzik's new book, Outside wrote “Provocative… What really ropes you in is his scene-setting…detailed, impeccably reported exploration of how man-made climate change is already reshaping the Arctic…Struzik sets up most chapters with well-spun yarns from his journeys (of wildlife encounters, end-of-the-earth islands, close calls in bush aviation), and there are “woah” moments every few pages, as the book lays out details of Arctic ecotastrophes that have flown under...



Washington, D.C. (February 25, 2015) — With the Rewilding Adventure sweepstakes, Island Press is excited to offer readers a once-in-a-lifetime chance to join noted conservation biologist and Earthwatch Lead Scientist Cristina Eisenberg for a field excursion to observe wildlife including wolves, grizzly bears, wolverines, lynx, and cougars in Yellowstone National Park.


The sweepstakes winner and a friend will...