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The Kingdom of Rarities

"Eric Dinerstein’s engaging new book [is a]…zoological travelogue, observing rare species across the planet and contemplating, as he does so, why rarity is profoundly important for our understanding of nature and our efforts to conserve it."


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Tibet Wild

"Poignant... Tibet Wild...lays out an open-ended account of the struggle to save wild places and their inhabitants. I can’t recall any book that has made me care as much or think harder about how we might do that."



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River Notes

"Often lyrically, Davis bemoans the state of a river that has been hemmed in so that cities including Las Vegas, San Diego, Los Angeles, Tucson and Phoenix can switch on their lights and have their taps flow....He does a good job of showing how we are all connected to this river, whether we recognize it or not."

The Washington Post


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State of the World 2013

State of the World 2013 cuts through the rhetoric surrounding sustainability, offering a broad and realistic look at how close we are to fulfilling it today and which practices and policies will steer us in the right direction.


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