The World's Water 2008-2009

The World's Water 2008-2009

The Biennial Report on Freshwater Resources

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Peter H. Gleick

432 pages pages | 8.5 X 11 | Tables, figures, boxes
Produced biennially, The World?s Water provides a timely examination of the key issues surrounding freshwater resources and their use. Each new volume identifies and explains the most significant  trends worldwide, and offers the best data available on a variety of topics related to water. The 2008-2009 volume features overview chapters on:

? water and climate change

? water in China

? status of the Millennium Development Goals for water

? peak water

? efficient urban water use

? business reporting on water


This new volume contains an updated chronology of global conflicts associated with water, as well as brief reviews of issues regarding desalination, the Salton Sea, and the Three Gorges Dam.


From the world?s leading authority on water issues, The World?s Water is the most comprehensive and up-to-date source of information and analysis on freshwater resources and the political, economic, scientific, and technological issues associated with them. It is an essential reference for water resource professionals in government agencies and nongovernmental organizations, researchers, students, and anyone concerned with water and its use.

Foreword \ Malin Falkenmark




Chapter 1. Peak Water \ Meena Palaniappan and Peter H. Gleick

-Concept of Peak Oil

-Comparison of Water and Oil

-A New Water Paradigm: The Soft Path for Water



Chapter 2. Business Reporting on Water \ Mari Morikawa, Jason Morrison, and Peter H. Gleick

-Corporate Reporting: A Brief History

-Qualitative Information: Water Management Policies, Strategies, and Activities

-Water Reporting Trends by Sector

-Conclusions and Recommendations


Chapter 3. Water Management in a Changing Climate \ Heather Cooley

-The Climate is Already Changing

-Projected Impacts of Rising Greenhouse Gas Concentrations

-Climate Change and Water Resources

-Vulnerability to Climate Change




Chapter 4. Millennium Development Goals: Charting Progress and a Way Forward \ Meena Palaniappan

-Millennium Development Goals

-Measuring Progress: Methods and Definitions

-Progress on the Water and Sanitation MDGs

-A Closer Look at Water and Sanitation Disparities

-Meeting the MDGs: The Way Forward



Chapter 5. China and Water \ Peter H. Gleick

-The Problems

-Water-Related Environmental Disasters in China

-Water Availability and Quantity

-Groundwater Overdraft

-Floods and Droughts

-Climate Change and Water in China

-Water and Chinese Politics

-Growing Regional Conflicts Over Water

-Moving Toward Solutions

-Improving Public Participation



Chapter 6. Urban Water-Use Efficiencies: Lessons from United States Cities \ Heather Cooley and Peter H. Gleick

-Use of Water in Urban Areas

-Projecting and Planning for Future Water Demand

-Per-Capita Demand

-Water Conservation and Efficiency Efforts

-Comparison of Water Conservation Programs

-Rate Structures



Water Briefs

Data Section

Water Units, Data Conversions, and Constants

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432 pages pages | 8.5 X 11 | Tables, figures, boxes
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